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GOOOD Adult - Sustainable Trout

Grain-free canned food without additives for sensitive dogs
High-value fish protein

High-value fish protein



Free from artificial preservatives

Free from artificial preservatives

For skin and coat

For skin and coat

GOOOD Adult - Sustainable Trout

Wholesome canned food with sustainable trout

To ensure the welfare of our trout, our fish farmers maintain a high water quality and avoid stress, such as strong sunlight. This is how we source the delectable and healthy trout fillet for our Goood dog food. Then we add vegetables grown in our region, along with parsley. Our grain-free recipe needs no added sugar or artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is also well tolerated by dogs with sensitive stomachs and food intolerances. The omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in fish and linseed are good for the skin & coat. You can mix our canned food with dry food, or serve it on its own. 

  • With delicious trout from sustainable aquaculture.
  • High proportion of regional raw ingredients.
  • Gently prepared.
  • Good for skin and coat.

Complete feed for adult dogs

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What is in the feed and what is it good for?

Trout is a protein-rich cold-water fish that supplies lots of vitamins. It is also low in fat. Parsnip is a valuable carbohydrate source and rich in minerals. Sunflower oil promotes a beautiful coat, while linseed is good for the digestion.


trout (63 %), potatoes (2 %), parsnip (2 %), linseed (2 %), sunflower oil (0.5 %), canola oil, blueberries (0.5 %), parsley (0.4 %)


Analytical constituents

What detailed components does it have?

Crude protein  9.8 % Good for growth, muscles, cell structure, metabolism and immune system
Crude fat 6.9 % Gives energy. Contains essential fatty acids. Supports the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins
Crude fibre 1.0 % Good for digestion and intestinal flora. Contains dietary fibre
Crude ash 2.0 % Describes the mineral and trace element content
Moisture 78.9 %  


What additional substances are in it?

Vitamins / kg:
vitamin E (3a700i) 20 mg

Trace elements / kg:
copper (3b405) 2.7 mg, zinc (3b605) 21 mg, manganese (3b502) 2.16 mg, iodine (3b202) 0.4 mg

Feeding Suggestion

What is the best way to feed my dog?

The amounts shown are simply for guidance. Your dog’s individual needs will depend on age, breed, weight, activity and whether he lives indoors or out. Give the food at room temperature and always have fresh water available.

Ideal weight Normal requirement
2 kg 155 g
5 kg 310 g
10 kg 520 g
15 kg 710 g
20 kg 880 g
25 kg 1040 g
30 kg 1195 g
35 kg 1340 g
40 kg 1480 g
50 kg 1750 g