Pioneer of sustainable healthy dog food
The First Ethical Petfood.
The First Ethical Petfood.

Our pet food experts have developed a holistic nutrition concept that covers all of your four-legged friend’s needs and is inspired by Mother Nature and the dog’s ancestor – the wolf. Selected protein sources and carefully selected vital ingredients are processed without sugar or artificial preservatives, flavours or colours to create our highly digestible and tasty premium dog food.

Veggie Adult

  • Delicious vegetarian dry food 
  • With superfoods such as spinach and sea buckthorn 
  • Very well tolerated, even for sensitive dogs 

Snack Time!

  • Our new soft and meat gooodies 
  • Soft Gooodies with high-quality insect protein 
  • Grain-free Meat Snacks with 80% organic duck meat 

Sustainable free-range chicken

  • Every kilo of Goood free-range chicken contains 700g of fresh chicken meat before drying
  • Certified free-range farming with plenty of exercise and exclusively natural feed

Sustainable free-range lamb

  • Tasty wet food with animal welfare guarantee
  • With regional parsnip and hemp seeds
  • Supports joints and metabolism

Certified meat

We place great value on the certified origin of our meat. The animals from free range farms and sustainable aquaculture receive a species-appropriate and antibiotic-free diet. This allows us to ensure that your dog only receives valuable animal proteins. We are careful to maintain a balanced ratio between high-quality meat and plant-based nutrients.


Goood was the first German dog food brand to receive the Ethical Award for sustainability and ethical behaviour. The independent institute ‘The Ethical Company Organisation’ tested us in the areas of environment, animal welfare, social commitment and company guidelines and found us to be very good.

Each product donates

With every portion of Goood you can actively do something good. Whenever you buy a pack of Goood, you are supporting species, climate and environment protection and animal welfare projects or social initiatives. #DoGoood

Our range

Our dog food contains everything your pet needs for a healthy doggy life. Different dogs – large or small, young or old – have different needs, and our natural recipes are matched to these needs. With our food you can be sure that your pet’s dinner bowl contains no added sugar and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. The varieties with tasty meat from free range farms or fish from sustainable fisheries are available either as a grain-free version or with nutritious wholegrains, making them easy to digest even by sensitive dogs with food intolerances. At the same time, our naturally-sourced dog food with top quality meat from high-welfare farms, ingredients from regional agriculture and vital ingredients direct from nature offers a new alternative to organic products. We put exactly the same care and expertise into Goood that our family business applies when producing food for adults and babies. Our highly experienced vets have devised a sophisticated nutrition concept that is perfectly matched to all age groups, dog sizes and doggy needs. Our varied range offers a number of health benefits for dogs in addition to the individual flavours.