Pioneer of sustainable healthy dog food

Environmentally-friendly dog food
A mission

As a traditional family-owned company we stand behind this wholeheartedly, and constantly strive to improve.

  • We place great emphasis on the origin and quality of our ingredients and products.
  • We work transparently – from the Bavarian potatoes through to the finished kibble.
  • All our products are manufactured CO₂-neutrally.
  • We are committed and verifiable participants in animal welfare, species conservation, environmental protection and social projects.
  • We always try to follow the latest sustainable manufacturing advice.
  • We are working to reduce our ecological footprint.

Our goals

We accept we are responsible for future generations, and so are developing a sustainable corporate culture for them. We base this on the UN’s 17 sustainability targets. We feel it is important to transfer the individual dimensions to the way we make our pet food, and to consider the complex interactions and effects.

Veggie Adult

  • Delicious vegetarian dry food 
  • With superfoods such as spinach and sea buckthorn 
  • Very well tolerated, even for sensitive dogs 

Snack Time!

  • Our new soft and meat gooodies 
  • Soft Gooodies with high-quality insect protein 
  • Grain-free Meat Snacks with 80% organic duck meat 

Sustainable free-range chicken

  • Every kilo of Goood free-range chicken contains 700g of fresh chicken meat before drying
  • Certified free-range farming with plenty of exercise and exclusively natural feed

Sustainable free-range lamb

  • Tasty wet food with animal welfare guarantee
  • With regional parsnip and hemp seeds
  • Supports joints and metabolism