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Our tasty recipes are highly digestible and perfectly adapted to the needs of dogs of different sizes. The various varieties are available either grain-free or with valuable wholegrains, depending on your dog’s needs. Different herbs and vitamins in the individual varieties are designed to support various health aspects. Do something good for your darling dog with our tasty meat from free range farms combined with plant-based ingredients from regional agriculture. And did you know that we use environmentally-friendly packaging for our dog food?

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"Gut+" für Goood Veggie Adult

Unabhängige Tester haben unser vegetarisches Trockenfutter auf Akzeptanz und Verträglichkeit getestet und mit 9,1 von 10 Sternen bewertet.
Adult - Free Range Chicken
High quality dog food with highly digestible chicken
Adult - Free Range Lamb
Rich in important minerals and good for the joints 
Adult - Sustainable Trout
Grain-free diet with valuable omega 3 and 6 fatty acids
Adult Veggie - Peas with Spinach & Sea Buckthorn
Easily digestible pea protein perfect for demanding dogs
Junior - Free Range Lamb & Sustainable Trout
Perfectly adapted level of protein for young dogs during growth
Senior - Free Range Chicken & Sustainable Trout
Dry food for more fun exercising for senior dogs
Sensitive Adult - Sustainable Insects
Easily digestible insect protein for dogs with food sensitivities.