Pioneer of sustainable healthy dog food

Our ingredients

Up to 70% regional ingredients in Goood dog food

As well as the right amount of high-quality meat, we purchase other natural ingredients for all our Goood products from carefully selected farms in our region.

What are the benefits of regionally-sourced ingredients?

As a manufacturer of premium pet food, if we source as many ingredients as possible from regional farmers, we are both supporting local producers and helping to protect the environment. Because by purchasing regional raw ingredients, we can keep the food miles and supply chains short, saving resources and energy. In this way, we are able to protect the environment and guarantee top Bavarian quality.

If you also value good quality from Bavaria, then with Goood you have come to exactly the right place. Goood dog food supports both regional farmers and the welfare of our animals. And you are feeding your best friend a natural and healthy dog food. So there is nothing to prevent a long and healthy doggy life.

Veggie Adult

  • Delicious vegetarian dry food 
  • With superfoods such as spinach and sea buckthorn 
  • Very well tolerated, even for sensitive dogs 

Snack Time!

  • Our new soft and meat gooodies 
  • Soft Gooodies with high-quality insect protein 
  • Grain-free Meat Snacks with 80% organic duck meat 

Sustainable free-range chicken

  • Every kilo of Goood free-range chicken contains 700g of fresh chicken meat before drying
  • Certified free-range farming with plenty of exercise and exclusively natural feed

Sustainable free-range lamb

  • Tasty wet food with animal welfare guarantee
  • With regional parsnip and hemp seeds
  • Supports joints and metabolism