Pioneer of sustainable healthy dog food

High-welfare animal farmingg

Best meat quality

It is this species-appropriate care of the livestock we buy that results in premium quality meat. The animals have much more opportunity to move about and only eat natural feed. They are able to grow slowly and healthily.

Free range chicken

Our chickens come from certified free range or organic farms. There they not only have more space; they also eat all-natural feed containing no growth hormones. They also grow for twice as long as chickens from conventional farms.

  • More space and opportunity to run about
  • Eat all-natural food
  • Live for twice as long

Free range lamb

We source all our lamb meat from certified free-range farms. The lambs must be able enjoy fresh air all year round and graze in meadows, ensuring a totally natural diet. They are twice as old as lambs from conventional farms, and they enjoy much more space – to be accurate, 152 times more space than lambs farmed in accordance with the EU Organic Directive.

  • Pastured all year round
  • Lots more space and fresh air
  • Eat all-natural food
  • Live for twice as long

Sustainable trout

We source our trout from fish farms that provide near-natural conditions. This is a sustainable farming method in which the animals are kept and fed appropriately.

  • Lots more space than in conventional farming
  • Eat all-natural food.
  • Stocking levels checked by vets
  • Clean water

Veggie Adult

  • Delicious vegetarian dry food 
  • With superfoods such as spinach and sea buckthorn 
  • Very well tolerated, even for sensitive dogs 

Snack Time!

  • Our new soft and meat gooodies 
  • Soft Gooodies with high-quality insect protein 
  • Grain-free Meat Snacks with 80% organic duck meat 

Sustainable free-range chicken

  • Every kilo of Goood free-range chicken contains 700g of fresh chicken meat before drying
  • Certified free-range farming with plenty of exercise and exclusively natural feed

Sustainable free-range lamb

  • Tasty wet food with animal welfare guarantee
  • With regional parsnip and hemp seeds
  • Supports joints and metabolism