Healthy food for dogs



We want to ensure that every dog has a long and healthy life. No compromises. We believe that our high-quality pet food should not be produced at the expense of the environment, animal welfare or ethics. For us this means knowing that we work with all-natural ingredients and meat from free range farms.

A natural diet is all about the source since this is the basis for a healthy doggy life. Our ingredients in their natural state are gently processed to make our naturally premium dog food – with no preservatives. And we do this entirely climate-neutrally.

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A natural diet


Species-appropriate pet food

Your pet will particularly enjoy the species-appropriate combination of high-quality meat from free range farms or fish from sustainable aquaculture, supplemented with plant-based ingredients. Our recipes combine the right amount of meat with regional vegetables and vital ingredients. They come grain-free or with nutritious wholegrains depending on what suits your four-legged friend best.

Our nutrition concept focuses especially on natural raw ingredients and the right mix of proteins and vital ingredients. Within each variety, you will be sure to find near-natural recipes to cater for your four-legged friend’s specific needs.


Our ingredients