Dog food with a long tradition

The origins

In 1765, Nikolaus M├╝ller established a small grain mill in Wehringen on the River Singold. Six generations later, the first highly-digestible food for dogs was manufactured there.
Today we have two in-house laboratories, a large team of vets and apply strict quality standards. So we can be sure that your dog really does receive only the very best. Every day. At a second facility nearby, we produce food for adults and babies.


From field to bowl

Many of our raw ingredients come direct from the region and are delivered in person by our partners. We then test and gently process the ingredients, using heat and steam to make them digestible and stable.

Goood pet food

It takes lots of steps to get from the raw ingredients to the finished premium dog food. To help you visualise this, here is an illustration of our manufacturing process.



Our trusted suppliers look after their animals and grow our plant-based raw ingredients with considerable care.


The majority of our ingredients come from the region. Our colleagues check the quality and take samples. The ingredients are weighed and smaller components are added by hand.


Milling and mixing

The recipe is checked for foreign bodies with vibrating screens and magnets. The ingredients are then milled and mixed for around 4 minutes.



First the mix of ingredients is gently pretreated and heated with steam for around one minute. After that they are kneaded thoroughly in the extruder pipe under pressure at at least 90┬░C and then extruded in the kibble shapes.


Finally the kibble is dried for 22 minutes at around 125 ┬░C, reaching a moisture content of no more than 12%. The kibble is finished with high-quality oils and antioxidants and then cooled down



The kibble passes through a metal detector once more, then the quality is tested in our in-house laboratory. And last but not least, the Goood pet food is packed into environmentally-friendly bags.

Organic Hemp Crackers

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Free Range Lamb

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Soft Gooodies

  • Great for skin and coat
  • Grain-free snack
  • High-grade proteins
  • With Gooodies you are helping our planet

Soft Gooodies

  • Great for digestion and metabolism
  • With valuable wholegrains
  • High-grade proteins
  • With Gooodies you are helping our planet

Soft Gooodies

  • Good for bones and joints
  • Grain-free snack
  • High-grade proteins
  • With Gooodies you are helping our planet