Our philosophy

It is all about the source

We use Mother Nature as our role model. To be able to produce an ideal food, we trace the dog back to his origin – the wolf. But contrary to expectations, he didn’t only eat meat. He also consumed plant-based nutrients found in the stomachs of prey animals. And at some times of year, wolves would even eat berries and roots. Goood is based on these natural dietary habits and the recipes are adapted to this behaviour. We also consider the living conditions and needs of today’s family dog.
As a family-owned company we wholeheartedly believe in our products, and are actively involved in social and sustainable projects around the world.


On a par with Nature

Healthy and sustainable dog food starts with the raw ingredients. We test these thoroughly and process them gently. In manufacturing our food, we place considerable emphasis on:

  • Meat from high-welfare livestock farms with lots of space and natural feeds
  • Top meat quality due to slow growth and more exercise
  • No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • No added sugar
  • 70% regional ingredients
  • No genetically-modified ingredients.
  • All of our ingredients and products are subject to stringent and independent testing.

For your dog

We insist on natural recipes which are highly digestible and extremely palatable. The crucial factor is the right amount of high-quality meat combined with regional vegetables and herbs. So our Goood premium dog food contains all the nutrients and vital ingredients that your darling pet needs. It does good and tastes good.


For our planet

Our dog food production is climate-neutral, and most of our packaging is made from renewable raw materials. We plant trees and protect the rain forests in order to offset the CO2 that cannot be avoided. Efficient production is important to us, so Goood is primarily manufactured using renewable energy. Our goal is to become even more environmentally-friendly in the future. We constantly work to improve in this respect.


Doing good

Become part of the DoGoood initiative and support non-profit projects around the world with every bag of Goood purchased. Together we can all make a contribution. Our unique fund-raising concept supports non-profit organisations working in the environmental, climate, species protection and animal welfare fields and encourages social commitment.


Easter Gooodies

  • Our limited edition Easter snack for dogs!
  • With high-quality free-range lamb and delicious carrots
  • For great search fun at Easter

Sustainable free-range lamb

  • Tasty wet food with animal welfare guarantee
  • With regional parsnip and hemp seeds
  • Supports joints and metabolism

Sustainable free-range chicken

  • Every kilo of Goood free-range chicken
    contains 700g of fresh chicken meat
    before drying
  • Certified free-range farming
    with plenty of exercise and exclusively
    natural feed