Sustainable dog food


We actively champion animals, the environment and society. Because everything we do impacts on our planet and its ecosystems. We don’t simply want to produce a food that tastes nice and is healthy for your four-legged friend; we want to do something good for nature as well. This is why our sustainable Goood dog food is completely CO₂-neutral – from the field to the bowl.


We are setting new standards with our environmentally-aware and sustainable actions. And our innovative ideas have been recognised: Goood was the first German dog food brand to receive the Ethical Award. The Ethical Company Organisation, the independent institute, has honoured us with the Ethical Award for our values and environmentally-aware actions.

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Fund-raising projects

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Do Goood initiatives

It is important to give something back to nature, especially in these times of environmental pollution, species extinction and deforestation. So, with every kilo you buy, you are not only doing something good for your dog; you are supporting various fund-raising projects at the same time. Some of the profits from our products are used to do good for animals, people and the environment.

Doing good

With each variety, you are supporting one of our partners in a range of social projects, such as cleaning up the seas, protecting endangered species, planting trees and providing food for animals in need.